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No matter the environment or climate, S&J Air Systems offers solutions to make inside air feel perfect. We offer new technologies that raise the bar for the HVAC industry.

S&J Air Systems installs a number of cutting-edge air-cleaning devices that work together with your Heating and Cooling systems each developed to get rid of specific types of pollutants.


Why Indoor Air Quality Matters?


Indoor Air Pollutants and Particles

With the right system (air conditioning, ventilation, air purification equipment) air pollutants such as pollen, spores, cement dust, bacteria, viruses or germs can be filtered out of the air.The smaller these particles, the more dangerous they are for our health, therefore particulate matter are categorized based on their size.

Particles & Areas of Deposit

The lighter and smaller a particle is, the longer it stays in the air.
• PM10 : all particles up to 10 µm (0.01 mm)
Deposit in the nose and pharynx of the human respiratory system
• PM2.5 : all particles up to 2.5 µm (0.0025 mm)
Are small enough to reach the human lung
• PM1 : all particles up to 1 µm (0.001 mm = 1 micron)

Are small enough to find their way through the cell membranes of the alveoli into the human bloodstream and cause life-threatening diseases
Due to their harmfulness (high risk for cardio vascular diseases), permanence and frequency, particles smaller than 2.5 μm (i.e. PM2.5 and PM1) need the most attention.

Indoor Environment Quality Components

1. Ventilation: Ensures the provision of fresh and clean air
2. Energy recovery: Delivers energy savings by transferring heat and moisture between airflows thus helping to bring supply air to the required indoor conditions for temperature and humidity
3. Air processing: Delivers the required conditioned air to optimize the energy efficiency of indoor HVAC equipment
4. Humidification: Ensures the desired moisture level in the conditioned space
5. Filtration: Ensures clean and healthy air by filtering out pollen, dust, odors and other contaminants that are harmful to our health

Let’s have a closer look at Ventilation and Filtration, 2 components directly linked to improved Indoor Air Quality.

With a good filtration system you can capture very small Particle Matter from the airstream, but the captured viruses, bacteria and fungal organisms are not inactivated. They can still replicate and potentially cause diseases

In order to prevent this from happening air disinfection is needed. S&J Air Systems proudly provides these air quality solutions to homes and businesses in the greater Sacramento area. Our service areas include Carmichael, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Sacramento, Gold River, Fair Oaks, Vacaville, Natomas, La Riviera, Rosemont, and all surrounding areas.

You can make your appointment online or contact S&J Air Systems today to find out more about our full line of air filtrations and purification solutions.


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